Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dorothy Wordsworth

Dorothy was born on Christmas Day, 1771 as the only daughter of Ann Cockson and William Wordsworth. She became a poet after a member of her family, William Wordsworth, wrote a poem about her. Unfortunately, after she began writing only five of the poems she wrote was published during her lifetime. I read "To My Niece Dorothy, a Sleepless Baby" and became very intrigued by her use of adjectives and adverbs in this an all of the other writings I read that was written by Dorthy. In this particular writing she wrote " The days are cold; the nights are long..." the usage of the vivid explanation in just this sentence paints a bright picture of the setting in this poem.

In each of the poems I read that was written by Dorothy, the descriptions were vivid from the green grass, blue skies, to the thundering mill, each of her poems were vividly written to paint an extravagant picture of what, when, and where of the poems were being explained.

When Dorothy talked about the setting of where the poem took place at she would describe the things around , the color of flowers, she leaves on trees, snow on the ground, cold winds, etc... she could paint the picture of when the poem was to have occurred. This may be in the blooming of the flowers in the spring or summer, to the cold winds of the winter or early spring.

Her where might be in an a mill, rolling meadow, etc... I believe that she describes this with video particularity as well.

For these reasons I prefer reading her poems, thus far. I believe that her writings have been the easiest to read and opens my mind up to what she is saying. As I previously said my favorite so far is " To My Niece Dorothy;a Sleepless Baby"

Monday, May 26, 2008

We Are Seven-Wordsworth

I had to read this poem several times before I got a grip on it. I believe that the theme to this poem would be the innocence of a small child and her beliefs. The young little girl in this poem is showing her innocence by believing that even though her sister moaned and is now buried in the ground in the church yard, she is still looking for her siblings. I realized that the poem is about a little girl who is searching for her other siblings. She believes that she and her siblings total seven in number. I believe that Wordsworth is being taught by this little girl that he should look around him and see her other siblings. While the two siblings are dead and buried in the church cemetery, she believes that by being in the cemetery at her sister's headstone where she and her brother used to play, she is still there with them.
The poem has a verse which reads "The first that died was sister Jane;In bed she moaning lay,Till God released her of her pain;And then she went away." When I read this I see biblical background, even with replacing the word God with she. This was very powerful and spiritual to me. This verse has several euphemisms when talking about her sister Jane going away after "God released her of her pain"

This writing does not have your typical romance of a boy and a girl who share a love in a story where there is a force who keeps the two of them from sharing their love for one another, it does have some of the same obstacles that two people in love share, just this is a different type of love. The romance int his story is the love that the eight year old little girl has for her two siblings who died and went onto heaven. While the siblings physical body is not with her so that she can touch it and physically play with them each day, their spirits still reside on Earth with her and she spends her time with them. She believes this so much that she tells the passer by (Wordsworth) this.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I am just checking in. I am new to this form of online classes, but am looking forward to this class. A little about me... I am a 44 year old senior at the Douglas Center. I am a Criminal Justice major. I have three children, 2 daughters and 1 son. I also have two stepsons. With 3 boys in the house, sports is not an option, its a must.